Soren And Otulissa Love Fanfiction

Skies of Darkness Chapter 13: Escape, a legend of the ... - FanFiction

Did something happen? Has one of them been injured, had Soren been injured? .... Goodbye Otulissa, I love you. Soren, look out! he heard .

Who Should I Choose? Chapter 1: Looking at the Stars ... - FanFiction

By: Animation Universe 2005. Soren falls for Gylfie, but falls in love with Otulissa. Love triangle, I assume. Anyways, who will Soren choose?

Love at First Fight Chapter 1: A Meeting Amid the ... - FanFiction

My version of how Soren and Pelli met based on the brief passage in .... Soren flew with Martin and Otulissa flanking him on either side and .

A Choice, a guardians of ga'hoole fanfic | FanFiction

An owl he had fallen in love with. That had been weeks ago. Now, Gylfie was hidden in the shadows. Soren stood next to the owl he had saved .

Sins of the Father Chapter 2: The Arrival, a legend of the ... - FanFiction

Otulissa beamed, before her grin turned sour. Though it would have been nice if you had consulted me first. Sorry, love. Soren winced.

Rio mating session Chapter 27, a rio fanfic | FanFiction

Finally, he climaxed and released his genital liquid into his now official mate. Otulissa: I love you, Soren. Soren: I love you too. He said with .

New Beginnings Chapter 1: Helmets, a legend of the ... - FanFiction

In the great tree of Ga'Hoole, the newlyappointed Guardian Soren was ... Smiling , Otulissa took off, flying down the branches of the tree. Soren .

Ruffled Feathers, a legend of the guardians: the owls of ... - FanFiction

Hello, love. Otulissa beamed at her boyfriend. Good to see you. Good to see you too. Soren cooed, wrapping his wings around her.

New Beginnings Chapter 5: Aftermath, a legend of the ... - FanFiction

Soren, worried over what could happen to Otulissa, waited outside. ... After their kiss finished, the two young owls looked at each other, each .

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