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Cricket is a game played with a bat and ball on a large field, known as a ground, ... The cricket rules displayed on this page here are for the traditional form of .

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तुम्हाला जर क्रीडा विषयक वृत्त पहायचे असेल तर तुम्ही योग्य जागी आला आहात. येथे तुम्हाला लाईव्ह क्रिकेट स्कोर, .

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Further information on the latest educational and coaching ideas are published in 'Cricket Coach', the journal of the Association of Cricket. Coaches, or in .

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Raju Bandgar is discussing in this video tutorial on the grammar of 10std students who are appearing SSC Board exam Language Marathi is a first language for .

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व्यापक अर्थों में क्रिकेट एक बहु आयामी खेल है, इसे खेल के पैमानों के आधार पर मेजर क्रिकेट (major cricket) और माइनर क्रिकेट .

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A Monthly Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology. ISSN 2320 – ... Source Language is English and Target Language is Marathi. II. WORD .

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Marathi Language. ... Hand grip, shoulder girdle, strength, cricket, baseball, softball. ... among cricket, baseball and softball players. A sample of .

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